Symptoms of cerebral palsy of hand foot type

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Cerebral palsy has become a familiar disease. And suffering from this disease, people will feel very painful. Now I'd like to better introduce the symptoms of hand foot bradykinic cerebral palsy.

Symptoms of cerebral palsy of hand foot type

First: the symptoms of cerebral palsy in children are generally as follows: feeding difficulties after birth, such as weak sucking, dysphagia, poor oral closure. Children born soon often cry less, move less, cry weak, too quiet. Or more crying, irritable, easily frightened or repeated meat jump.

Second, the diagnosis of cerebral palsy mainly depends on medical history, physical examination, EEG, CT and MRI. She is so sick that she has to be treated in the hospital for some time before she gets better. We must be patient. Cerebral palsy should exclude Genetic Metabolism and neurodegenerative diseases.

Third: the diagnosis of cerebral palsy is mainly based on the history and nervous system examination. Typical cerebral palsy has the physical signs of motor retardation, abnormal posture and central dyskinesia. The abnormal history of pregnancy, perinatal period and neonatal period may indicate the cause of cerebral palsy. Imaging examination may find evidence of brain injury.

matters needing attention

Children with cerebral palsy often have various ability defects, which need daily life care and training. We must eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, try to eat high-quality protein and high protein, avoid the application of fine processed food, and the food additives are not conducive to the normal recovery of children.