Is the initial symptoms of AIDS credible?

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Some time ago, I had a relationship with a messy woman outside. Later, I heard that the woman had AIDS. I heard that if I had sex with someone who had AIDS, I might also have AIDS. So I always felt very sad and afraid that I would have AIDS. It is said that if you get AIDS, there may be a lot of symptoms in the early stage, probably more than 10 kinds of appearance. Is the initial symptoms of AIDS credible? Let's talk about it.

Is the initial symptoms of AIDS credible?

1. AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease, which can be transmitted through sexual intercourse and blood transmission. If the patients get this disease, they must pay enough attention to it and choose a professional hospital for systematic treatment as soon as possible.

2. AIDS pre may have more than 10 symptoms, these symptoms are mainly cough, fever, fatigue, low spirit, lower body itching, alopecia and so on, if there are similar symptoms, patients must pay attention to as soon as possible to the hospital to carry out screening.

3. AIDS is mostly transmitted through the method of intercourse, and sexual intercourse between the same sex is more likely to lead to the occurrence of AIDS, so patients must pay attention to their own sexual behavior, do not let themselves have a more chaotic sexual relationship, pay attention to the list of sexual relations.

matters needing attention

Got AIDS to pay attention to choose a regular hospital for treatment, in the process of treatment, to pay attention to their diet nutrition, must pay attention to the balanced supply of diet nutrition, usually appropriate exercise.