Vitiligo what to avoid

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My mother's sister, back long vitiligo, she does not know is a thing, she is not behind the feeling, but a large back, it is difficult to see, we advised him to go to the hospital for treatment, so after treatment is now good, I put vitiligo avoid what sort of sorting out, for your reference.

Vitiligo what to avoid

Diet 1: fast spicy food, such as pepper, alcohol, etc., eat more foods containing tyrosine and minerals, such as lean meat, eggs, milk, fresh vegetables, bean products, black sesame, walnut, shellfish and vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C.

Diet 2: avoid eating onion, garlic, fish, shrimp, mutton, bamboo shoots, pickles, pepper, wine. The food containing vitamin C is best not to eat, spicy, acid food also need to pay attention to eat less, carbonated drinks do not drink. Don't eat fish and shrimp at this stage.

Diet three: vitiligo in daily life should eat less spicy food, such as wine, pepper, raw garlic, mutton, fish and shrimp and other seafood, rich in vitamin C fruits such as orange, orange, grapefruit, kiwi fruit, tomato, hawthorn, waxberry and so on.

matters needing attention

Warm tips: in black chicken, Turkey and other varieties, taurine content is higher, and taurine can enhance people's digestive ability, play an antioxidant and detoxification role. It can improve the function of heart and brain and promote the development of children's intelligence. Therefore, it is more nutritious than ordinary chicken.