Capricorn and the manifestation of Capricorn

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This kind of disease is more common in daily life. Some time ago, a friend of mine suffered from this kind of disease. In the early stage, it appeared the manifestation of mental disorder. After going to the hospital for examination, it was found that it was this kind of disease. After treatment in the hospital for a period of time, it has also been greatly improved. For friends who want to understand the manifestations of this disease, let me talk about this problem with you.

Capricorn and the manifestation of Capricorn

Epilepsy commonly known as epilepsy, although the onset of this disease is relatively sudden, but through early symptoms can be found in the first time, and then to treat, to control its attack. Patients with epilepsy in the early stage will appear very irritable, in a bad mood, and easily excited. In addition, patients may also have some visual and auditory symptoms.

For the symptoms of congenital epilepsy, congenital hydrocephalus, cerebral cortex hypoplasia and congenital cerebral palsy are the common causes of infantile symptomatic epilepsy. Brain contusion, edema, hemorrhage and infarction during production can also lead to local cerebral sclerosis and cerebral palsy. For patients, several years after the formation of lesions, febrile convulsions: severe fever does not subside, children spasm.

For the symptoms and sequelae of epilepsy caused by traumatic brain injury, some of them begin to develop epilepsy only after several weeks, months and years. The formation process of injury is different, and the type of attack is also different. In severe cases, most of them have softening focus by CT or MRI examination. Severe bacterial or viral infection, meningitis, cerebral cysticercosis, brain abscess, viral encephalitis, tuberculous meningitis, epidural abscess, etc.

matters needing attention

For patients with this disease, in daily life must pay more attention to correct bad habits, in the diet should be light and easy to digest food, for patients with symptoms of epilepsy, there should be special care, and for this disease to be treated in a timely manner, to avoid patients being stimulated, causing the disease Recurrence of the disease.