What kind of disease is abdominal wall desmoid tumor?

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Desmoid of abdominal wall is a kind of fibroma which often occurs in the muscular layer and fascial sheath of abdominal wall, so it is also called desmoid fibroma, banded tumor and fibromatosis of abdominal wall. It is also called aggressive fibromatosis, fibromatous hyperplasia, recurrent fibromatosis and abdominal fibroblast tumor. Let's share my experience with you.

What kind of disease is abdominal wall desmoid tumor?

Desmoid fibroma of abdominal wall usually grows slowly, has a long course of disease and no obvious symptoms. A few of desmoid fibroma are accompanied by local dull pain or occasional discomfort. It is often an incidental abdominal wall mass. Because the growth of desmoid fibroma of the abdominal wall is limited by the abdominal muscle and fascia, the length of the tumor is mostly less than 5 cm, while desmoid fibroma of other parts outside the abdominal wall can grow into a huge mass without the above anatomical characteristics. The growth of tumor is faster in women of childbearing age, and the growth rate of tumor before and after menopause is the highest.

It is a hard mass in the abdominal wall with unclear boundary and consistent with the direction of abdominal muscle fibers. When the abdominal wall muscles contracted, the mass was fixed and could not move; After the relaxation of abdominal wall muscle, the tumor can be pushed along with the abdominal wall.

Mass resection of tumor: it is required to remove at least 3 cm normal tissue around the tumor, and remove the peritoneum at the same time, which is very important to prevent postoperative recurrence. The defect of abdominal wall can be repaired with synthetic patch such as marlexmesh, polypropylene or polytetrafluoroethylene patch.

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Abdominal wall desmoid tumor does not metastasize, but is easy to recur. It is reported that the recurrence rate can be as high as 50% - 66.8%, and mainly in the 18-30 years of age. According to plukker et al, tumor recurrence is related to the extent of resection and tumor size. The larger the tumor is, the easier it is to relapse. The recurrence rate of patients with tumor larger than 10 cm is the highest. A small number of abdominal wall desmoid tumors may exist for a long time without growth in the case of incomplete surgical resection. However, some scholars reported that repeated recurrence and multiple operations may lead to tumor metastasis.