What are the symptoms of cerebral infarction?

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When it comes to the disease of cerebral infarction, in fact, everyone seems to be more afraid. Indeed, in the eyes of many people, they think that this disease is more terrible, and it is a fatal disease. In the case of cerebral infarction, it is mainly due to the atherosclerosis of the cerebral artery, and then it will lead to the problem that the damage of the intima of the blood vessels will narrow the lumen of the cerebral artery, And then the problem is thrombosis, what are the symptoms of cerebral infarction? Now let me tell you something.

What are the symptoms of cerebral infarction?

First of all, the clinical symptoms of cerebral infarction is that the onset of the disease is very sudden. The onset of the disease often occurs when the hormone is quiet and resting, and the onset occurs when sleeping. There is also a few hours of onset, some within 1 to 2 days will reach the peak.

Secondly, the clinical symptoms of cerebral infarction is the symptoms of the head. At this time, the symptoms are headache, vertigo, dizziness and tinnitus. Some of them will also have problems, such as hemiplegia, which can be a single limb, or one side of the limb.

The last word is the upper limb, which is often heavier than the lower limb, or the lower limb is heavier than the upper limb. At this time, the patient's problem will be dysphagia. If the words are not clear, the symptoms will be nausea, vomiting and other conditions, and the serious cases will soon be unconscious

matters needing attention

In short, if you find that there are elderly people in your home with these symptoms, what you need to pay attention to at this time, and then what you need to do is to see a doctor in time and carry out timely and effective treatment.