Can genetic psoriasis be cured

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I have been suffering from psoriasis for a long time. My skin can hardly be seen. If I use my hands to pick, there will be silver white things falling off. Usually I stay at home, because I feel inferior and afraid of being ridiculed by others. Before also had to go to the hospital to receive treatment, but did not have any effect to terminate. My life is really troubled by this disease. Let's talk about whether genetic psoriasis can be cured.

Can genetic psoriasis be cured

Method 1: got psoriasis should first check to see what type, and then symptomatic treatment, this disease is not very effective treatment, can only rely on drug remission control. Hormone drugs and vitamin D drugs can be used under the guidance of doctors.

Method 2: after taking drugs to control the disease, physical therapy can be used to eliminate psoriasis on the surface of the skin, such as laser therapy, cryotherapy, ultraviolet and hydrotherapy. Patients should also timely adjust their eating habits and mood, do not have too much mental pressure.

Method 3: get psoriasis, to take care of the body, strengthen exercise, enhance resistance, can't rely on a variety of drugs.

matters needing attention

Psoriasis patients can use soy to relieve psoriasis symptoms. Jianpi Xiaozhong powder: 250g soybeans, 100g peanuts, stir fry and grind into powder, 50g malt, grind into powder and remove residue, then add 30g fine rice bran and 100g white grain. Mix well. Chew 30 ~ 60g each time, drink rice or warm water. This prescription uses soybean, peanut and rice bran to invigorate the spleen and stomach, eliminate edema, malt to aid digestion, and sugar to flavor. It is used for spleen deficiency or dystrophic edema. Psoriasis patients with this symptom can try.