Vitiligo early how to treat better

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Some time ago, I went to my cousin's house. Both my cousin and her husband were very enthusiastic. I accidentally found some skin problems on my cousin's arm. My cousin told me that my cousin had vitiligo. Today, I'd like to talk with you about how to treat vitiligo in the early stage.

Vitiligo early how to treat better

First: for the treatment of vitiligo, on the basis of drug treatment, strengthening comprehensive psychotherapy is very important. First of all, we should eliminate all kinds of bad stimulating factors, improve mental state and bad living and working environment, maintain good psychology, enhance the autoimmune function, early prevention and early treatment, then the curative effect is better.

Second: the main treatment should be to identify the cause of disease, and then for different causes of symptomatic treatment, such as microcirculation disorders, should strengthen physical exercise, promote blood circulation, and can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine. There are many drugs to enhance the immune function, but each drug will have certain indications, patients can choose according to the condition.

Third: for face and neck white wind, to avoid the use of whitening cosmetics, avoid taking vitamin C drugs. Eat less tomatoes and so on. If the lesion can be found early, it should be treated as soon as possible. After a short period of regular diagnosis and treatment, the normal skin can be recovered.

matters needing attention

Early vitiligo to seize the time to treat, do not always drag, because many patients with vitiligo is in the delay to become serious. Therefore, don't delay going to the hospital or seeing a doctor for fear of being discriminated against.