How did schoolgirl get acuteness wet wart to do

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Recently students do not know what is not hygienic, listen to her say that anus that long a lot of small papules, very itchy, sitting there in class are very uncomfortable, tried some ointment is useless, with suspicion is condyloma acuminatum, now we are in the following to understand how girls got condyloma acuminatum.

How did schoolgirl get acuteness wet wart to do

First: how is acuteness wet wart treated, can do vinegar white examination at home. The appearance of atypical warts can be differentiated by acetic acid white test. The method is to soak the gauze or paper towel with vinegar white test solution (the concentration of edible white vinegar is 4% - 6%, which can be used as the identification solution of condyloma acuminatum). If there is obvious whitening, it can be diagnosed as condyloma acuminatum.

Second: it is suggested that you first go to the regular hospital to check and confirm the diagnosis, find out the cause, and then prescribe the right medicine. At present, there are many hospitals and treatments for condyloma acuminatum on the market, so many patients do not know how to choose. Therefore, experts suggest that the fundamental reason for the cure of condyloma acuminatum lies in whether it can thoroughly remove the virus in the body. At present, there is a method on the market that can completely cure condyloma acuminatum.

Third: the first onset of condyloma can use laser, freezing, electric cauterization, microwave and other physical therapy methods to remove the wart body, the virus does not spread, good postoperative care, combined with interferon treatment can achieve a certain therapeutic effect. Condyloma acuminatum is a virus infection, the virus in the skin mucosa, so the disease is easy to relapse, only to remove the virus in order to achieve the goal of radical cure.

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Condyloma acuminatum is a long-term treatment of the disease, suffering from Condyloma Acuminatum friend life is more painful, whether in life, diet, sex is a great influence, for the treatment of condyloma acuminatum is mainly to go to the wart body, so that it can be cured.