How does gastric cancer appear ascites to do

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Some time ago, my friend's father found out that he has gastric cancer, which often causes hemoptysis in his daily life. Patients with gastric cancer should be treated as soon as possible. The harm of gastric cancer to patients is also serious. Let's talk about how to deal with ascites in gastric cancer.

How does gastric cancer appear ascites to do

First: there are many methods for the treatment of gastric cancer, and the treatment methods are not the same. The treatment mainly depends on the patient's own situation, physical state, mental state, and the location, size, and distribution of the tumor, which directly affect the treatment effect. It is recommended to choose the appropriate treatment for the treatment, so as to treat the disease faster.

Second, it is suggested that the combination therapy should be used to improve the immunity and anti-cancer ability, supplemented by TCM recuperation. Chinese medicine has a long history, broad and profound, which can cure the disease. In addition, the mentality is very important, do not be afraid and anxious, otherwise it will only aggravate the disease. If it can be done, it can significantly prolong the life of patients, early treatment is obviously effective, can restore the life of normal people; patients with advanced metastasis can improve 5-20 years and other different time, or even longer. The key is no surgery, no chemoradiotherapy.

Third: gastric cancer is characterized by epigastric fullness, discomfort or dull pain, pantothenia, belching, nausea, occasional vomiting, loss of appetite, dyspepsia, positive occult blood in stool or black stool, unexplained fatigue, emaciation or progressive anemia, etc. Now the clinical conservative treatment for reflex therapy and chemotherapy, if more serious, if necessary to take surgical resection.

matters needing attention

For patients with gastric cancer, loss of appetite is very normal, but in order to make the patient's disease can be treated, family members should pay attention to strengthen the patient's nutrition, try to change the pattern, let the patient eat more, in addition, you can also exercise properly, improve resistance.