What to eat during the attack of chronic appendicitis

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Chronic appendicitis is a kind of pathological change of chronic appendicitis left after acute appendicitis subsides. Chronic appendicitis is divided into primary and secondary. Chronic appendicitis cycle is not very easy to say, this has a lot to do with the individual's physique, sometimes if the rest is not good or improper diet will appear inflammation attack, but if our body has shown symptoms, we should go to the hospital in time for examination, if necessary, surgery, this surgery in our country has been very common. It shows abdominal pain, gastrointestinal reactions, abdominal tenderness, indirect signs. It's not contagious.

What to eat during the attack of chronic appendicitis

First of all, after the diagnosis of chronic appendicitis, surgery is needed to treat it. This kind of treatment is the most effective. The inflammatory part is removed by surgery to achieve the therapeutic effect. However, some patients should be followed up in the outpatient clinic.

Second, if there is no surgical treatment, we should also actively carry out conservative treatment, and achieve certain treatment through anti-inflammatory effect of drugs. In the usual diet is to pay attention to, must keep light, eat more fiber rich food, in order to keep the stool unobstructed. Generally speaking, those hot food and hair food are eaten as little as possible.

Third, the patient should fast before the operation, and take good care after the operation, so as to avoid eating some stimulating food on the diet, which will bring adverse effects on the healing of the affected area. Should maintain good rest, but also to a certain degree of recuperation. Rest a lot.

matters needing attention

We must pay attention to the choice of diet. We must not eat spicy food or cold food. We must avoid excessive fatigue in our life. We must ensure that we get enough sleep and keep our spirit comfortable, because we can avoid repeated pathological changes due to decreased body resistance.