Which hospital is the best

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My cousin's chest development is not very good. She always thinks her chest is too small. I heard that autologous fat breast enhancement looks good. I don't know which hospital is better. Let me talk about which hospital is the best for autologous breast enhancement.

Which hospital is the best

First: This is not the best. The first thing to consider is to choose a regular and qualified hospital. Take Beijing harmony beauty, where I work, as an example. The qualification is regular, but it can not be absolutely said that it is the best. Similar hospitals have their own advantages. We can not simply compare which is good and which is not good. First, we should look at the qualification, second, we should look at the service, and third, we should follow up the effect after the operation .

Second: now there are many hospitals for plastic surgery and breast augmentation, so choosing to do autologous fat breast augmentation must choose regular medical plastic surgery hospitals and experienced and authoritative doctors with good technology. After the operation, the excess fat of the breast augmenter was sucked out with a fine needle, activated and processed into pure fat particles, and then injected into the breast augmentation area evenly through a micro tube needle to make it survive.

Third, it is suggested to go to a regular fat transplant hospital for diagnosis. At present, autologous fat breast augmentation technology is relatively mature in China. Experts pointed out that the effect of this operation is very good, because the operation is simple, no need for surgery, no pain, fast recovery, compared with other prosthesis materials, no rejection allergy, high survival rate, fat particle transplantation is easy to obtain materials, rich tissue sources, can also achieve the effect of weight loss, the most important thing is that the operation effect is real and natural, feel comfortable, no trace after operation.

matters needing attention

At present, autologous fat breast augmentation is a more popular method of breast augmentation, which can be done in many hospitals in China. When women choose, it is better to choose some institutions with good reputation, so that the effect can be guaranteed.