How is cholecystitis symptom caused?

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Cholecystitis should not be unfamiliar to everyone, as the name suggests, is the gallbladder part of the inflammation, in many diseases, the incidence of cholecystitis is now higher and higher, because everyone's constitution is different, so the disease resistance will be different, cholecystitis symptoms caused by how? Let's talk about it

How is cholecystitis symptom caused?

First of all, friends with poor resistance and weak constitution are more likely to suffer from cholecystitis, because the biliary tract of these people is vulnerable to infection. When the biliary tract is infected to a certain extent, it becomes cholecystitis.

Secondly, the cause of cholecystitis may also be Ascaris entering the biliary tract, causing inflammation of the biliary tract. At the same time, if the Ascaris eggs and the rest of the incomplete body stay in the biliary tract, it will cause gallstones.

Finally, if the diet is not regular, especially overeating, and often eat some high-fat and high cholesterol food, it will also induce cholecystitis. Some friends are often depressed and unhappy, which will make the bile in the body unable to excrete. Over a long time, it will also cause cholecystitis.

matters needing attention

Cholecystitis patients must not eat some spicy food, sugar food and high cholesterol food is also some of the things that cholecystitis patients taboo. Cholecystitis patients also avoid to eat some very cold or very hot food, will cause stomach spasm, resulting in gallbladder colic.