How to treat uremia with high creatinine

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Uremia is often caused by the loss of renal function, the treatment of uremia should be clear etiology, for the cause of symptomatic treatment, let's talk about how to treat uremia with high creatinine, which everyone is very concerned about.

How to treat uremia with high creatinine

First of all: in order to treat uremia, we must find the root cause of uremia, repair the damaged kidney fundamentally, prevent the damage of kidney from getting worse and worse, and prevent and actively treat various complications of uremia and systemic diseases.

Second, if you have the conditions and can find the match, you can choose kidney transplantation. If the operation is successful, you can recover normal renal function and almost completely recover. If there are no conditions, we can only choose a method called dialysis in medical treatment, which includes hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, and is used to temporarily relieve the disease.

Finally: for uremic patients with relatively stable condition, although it is necessary to start searching for kidney source as soon as possible and accept kidney transplantation, there is no indication for emergency dialysis. This kind of patients in drug treatment, diet control at the same time, also need to actively do a good job before dialysis preparation.

matters needing attention

Uremic patients should go to the regular hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible. The routine treatment of uremia is to reduce the activity of patients, or control the dietary protein intake, which will make the renal function indicators seem to be improving, but this is not the only indicator of judgment, and dialysis is used to maintain.