What symptom does lung have bad

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Pneumonia is a kind of lung disease. In our daily life, I believe many friends have heard of it, and most of them know the harm and symptoms of it. But there are still a few friends who don't understand the harm and symptoms of pneumonia, and they don't understand it at all. So it will lead to some patients with pneumonia because there is no qualitative understanding of pneumonia, causing serious consequences, such as the emergence of tuberculosis, lung cancer and other lung diseases. So what are the symptoms of lung disease? I'll tell you.

What symptom does lung have bad

Symptom 1: pneumonia is mainly caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites and other microorganisms, which is a kind of lung disease caused by virus. There is also a kind of lung disease caused by radiation or inhalation of foreign bodies in our respiratory tract, which is also a common cause of pneumonia in our life.

Symptom 2: one of the most important symptoms of pneumonia is dyspnea in the throat and respiratory tract of our body, which is the most common and the most important symptom of pneumonia. Dyspnea can be judged to have a qualitative correlation with pneumonia, but not all dyspnea is caused by pneumonia.

Symptom 3: the other symptoms of pneumonia are irritative dry cough, white mucus sputum or bloody sputum, severe chest pain and chills and fever. So the symptoms of pneumonia are dyspnea, coughing, expectoration with blood, chest pain, chills and fever.

matters needing attention

For patients with pneumonia in life, pay attention to some habits to change, that is, smoking this habit must be changed, smoking will appear dry cough, so give up. Also need to pay attention to their living environment, do not store some pneumonia allergy can cause cough things.