Initial symptoms of pneumoconiosis?

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Pneumoconiosis, the number one occupational disease killer of industrial workers, why has it not attracted enough attention? Because pneumoconiosis is a kind of blunt knife killing without sound, it is not infectious, does not threaten other people's lives, does not lead to tourism depression, restaurant closure, and "sacrifice" are mostly migrant workers. Unlike SARS patients who can be cured, can breathe freely again, and can return to society, pneumoconiosis can't be recovered. Once they have pneumoconiosis, "they can't even get Qi.". As the most serious occupational disease in China in this century, pneumoconiosis should be paid more attention to by dust workers. Now let me introduce the initial symptoms of pneumoconiosis to you?

Initial symptoms of pneumoconiosis?

Cough is not obvious in patients with pneumoconiosis in the early stage of cough, but with the aggravation of the disease, cough will be significantly aggravated. In addition, Xiao Bian should remind everyone that cough has a certain relationship with season and climate.

Expectoration pneumoconiosis patients will appear expectoration symptoms, and often not easy to cough up. At the beginning, the amount of expectoration is not much, but if the condition worsens, the amount of expectoration will increase accordingly.

Chest pain pneumoconiosis patients often feel chest pain, chest pain location is different, and often change, mostly limited. In general, it is dull pain, or it may be distending pain, acupuncture like pain, etc.

matters needing attention

At ordinary times, workers should pay attention to regular physical exercise, pay attention to nutrition, enhance physique and improve disease prevention ability. If you unfortunately suffer from pneumoconiosis, you must pay attention to it and go to the hospital in time after finding the symptoms.