How about augmentation rhinoplasty hospital

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Nose flat and big, ugly to death, but also often ridiculed by students, determined to do rhinoplasty, the effect is good. How about augmentation rhinoplasty hospital? Do you know? Today, let me learn from you about rhinoplasty hospital.

How about augmentation rhinoplasty hospital

First: diaphragmatic cartilage, the preferred piece of cartilage is septal cartilage rather than ear cartilage, because the septal cartilage is more straight, better support, more suitable for nasal tip plastic cartilage scaffold, can adapt to different situations, such as some nasal tip need to be raised, some nasal tip need to be elongated and so on. However, the technical requirements of nasal septal cartilage extraction are far greater than that of ear cartilage extraction, and there are not many nasal tip plastic surgeons who can master this technology.

Second: ear cartilage, ear cartilage is mainly taken after the nose tip plastic stent, such as the need to increase the height and length of the nose tip. The alar cartilage inside the tip of the nose is two pieces, so the natural surface of the nose skin is two points, not one. In the past, prosthesis was used to do nose tip plastic surgery. Prosthesis often made the two natural performance points of the nose tip lose and become a point, so that the round nose tip becomes a sharp nose tip. The bulging nose can be seen at a glance. Through the use of ear cartilage, we can make nose tip plastic surgery have two natural performance points. The nose tip is natural and beautiful. Even the most professional cosmetic surgeon can not see that the nose has been done.

Third: costal cartilage, costal cartilage transplantation is the tip of the nose plastic surgery method commonly used by international masters, mainly suitable for those with poor conditions and higher requirements, sometimes also used to repair the more difficult failure surgery. International rhinoplasty masters also use rib cartilage to raise the back of the nose, but they are not willing to use allogeneic materials. This is a trend of rhinoplasty, but it can not be accepted by most people in China for the time being.

matters needing attention

During the recovery period of prosthetic augmentation rhinoplasty, people who want to be beautiful must avoid eating, never drink a lot of alcohol, which is bad for the recovery of augmentation rhinoplasty and too harmful to the body.