What does rheumatism have

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Different places, different hospitals, different treatment programs, treatment fees are also very different. Specific charges or to go to the regular hospital, first targeted examination, the doctor will give you the best treatment, so that you can know the cost of their own treatment. Let's talk about the rheumatism.

What does rheumatism have

First of all: rheumatism is a group of diseases mainly involving joints, bones, muscles, blood vessels and related soft tissues or connective tissues, most of which are autoimmune diseases.

Secondly: in a broad sense, all diseases causing bone, joint and muscle pain can be classified as rheumatism, which is generally slow and hidden after the onset, and relatively long in the course of disease, and most of them have genetic tendency.

Finally: it is difficult to diagnose and treat. Different autoantibodies can be detected in the blood, which may be related to different HLA subtypes. It has good short-term or long-term remission response to non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), glucocorticoids and immunosuppressants.

matters needing attention

I believe that after reading the above, we have a better understanding of what is rheumatism. During the period of illness, we should also pay attention to keeping warm and avoid being affected by wind and damp, so as to reduce the impact of natural factors on the disease