How long can chronic prostatitis be good

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The man got chronic prostatitis, some people fertility is still very good, but some people lost fertility, why there are such two results? At present, modern medicine can not fully explain this. Today let me and you learn how long chronic prostatitis can be good.

How long can chronic prostatitis be good

Treatment 1: surgical treatment, surgical treatment can be used for recurrent chronic bacterial prostatitis. Prostatectomy can achieve the purpose of cure, but it should be used with caution. Because prostatitis usually involves the peripheral zone of the gland, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of treatment by transurethral resection of the prostate. Transurethral resection of the prostate can remove the prostate stones and the bacterial infection lesions near the prostate catheter, which is beneficial to reduce the reinfection of the peripheral zone lesions.

Treatment 2: dietotherapy. Foods with certain therapeutic effect on BPH include wax gourd, kelp, balsam pear, plantain, purslane, cucumber, etc. Or according to different eating habits to choose the corresponding cooking methods and dishes.

Treatment 3: the treatment of prostatitis needs to adhere to the practice of lifting the anus, repeatedly contracting and lifting the anus, lifting the testis, and then relaxing the anus and testis, which can improve the local blood circulation. Or use pelvic muscle training method: put a finger into the patient's anus. Ask to use defecation reflex to push out fingers gently without abdominal pressure and relax pelvic muscle at the same time, so as to expand and relax pelvic muscle.

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The patient is in chest knee position or lateral position. After touching the prostate with the index finger along the anus on the front wall of the rectum, the doctor gently presses the prostate from the outside up to the inside down. At the same time, the doctor instructs the patient to lift the anus so that the prostatic fluid can be discharged from the urethral orifice and urinate immediately.