How to enlighten patients with paranoia?

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Schizophrenia is a kind of "delusional" symptom in this disease, and many patients' families have such a problem, do not know how to care for patients with delusional symptoms? So we should face the patients with paranoia in our daily life, how to deal with it reasonably? Now let me introduce it to you

How to enlighten patients with paranoia?

First, treat patients with paranoia, attitude to be kind, kind, appropriate language, thoughtful service, care for life, to meet the psychosomatic needs, ease their emotions, make them relaxed.

Second: do not rashly touch the content of delusion. If patients take the initiative to narrate, they should pay attention to listening, not to argue with them, nor to express the same tired. If patients do not talk about avoidance, there is no need to ask

Third: we must pay attention not to stabilize the patient's mood to cater to the patient's delusion. In order to stabilize the patient's mood, some people admit their persecution of the patient and admit their mistakes, which will not help the improvement of the patient's condition, but also aggravate and consolidate the patient's delusion, and encourage schizophrenic patients to participate in various recreational activities to distract their attention.

matters needing attention

Psychological depression is also one of the factors leading to paranoia. Family members should chat with patients more, encourage patients to get out of psychological barriers, often let patients listen to light music, participate in some social activities, keep a happy mood, and do not have too much pressure