What symptom is blood sugar damaged

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Do you know what impaired fasting glucose is? Impaired fasting blood glucose is not a disease, but it is also likely to lead to a dangerous state of diabetes. In recent years, I have said that there are not a few people with impaired fasting blood glucose, so what's the matter with you? Now let's take a look at the common situations. Now let's share it.

What symptom is blood sugar damaged

First: sometimes the lack of dosage can also lead to the damage of blood glucose. This is because these reasons are equal. First of all, the lack of dosage. The characteristic is that the blood glucose before sleep is higher than or almost the same as the fasting blood glucose. The reason is that the amount of oral hypoglycemic drugs or insulin is insufficient or excessive at night.

Second, it is actually the dawn phenomenon, which is also very common, but it is different in stages, the so-called dawn phenomenon. In normal people, after zero, the production of growth hormone and cortisol increases, which has the effect of increasing blood glucose. Because the amount of growth hormone produced by each person at different stages is different, dawn phenomenon does not occur in everyone. The blood glucose can be measured at zero and seven o'clock in the morning respectively. The diagnosis can be made if the blood glucose at seven o'clock in the morning is higher than 1.0mmol/l.

Third: sumujah reacted, because this is also a very influential situation. Sumujah reacted. It often occurs at night because of hypoglycemia caused by excessive use of insulin. In order to adjust blood glucose, the body produces a large number of glucocorticoids to increase blood glucose. The characteristic is that the blood glucose is lower than 3.9mmol/l around 3 am, which is the most likely time to cause blood glucose damage.

matters needing attention

If you now have symptoms of impaired fasting blood glucose, you must pay attention to it to avoid developing diabetes.