Can oviduct obstruction cause infertility

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My sister is suffering from infertility, now my sister is in the hospital to buy medicine treatment, but the effect is not good, my sister has no children, sometimes that is to say his abdominal pain, very uncomfortable. The doctor prescribed the medicine on the same day, and now we are taking the medicine to recuperate. Let's share the following: can oviduct obstruction lead to infertility.

Can oviduct obstruction cause infertility

Reason 1: abnormal endocrine. The deficiency of sex hormone secretion, hormone disorder and other endocrine abnormalities will lead to luteal dysfunction, fertilized eggs can not be implanted, resulting in female infertility.

Reason 2: female infertility patients can be manifested as anovulation in the menstrual cycle, or although ovulation, but after ovulation luteal function is not perfect. This is one of the causes of female infertility.

The third reason: congenital dysplasia of reproductive organs or acquired reproductive organ disease, hinder the reproductive channel from vulva to fallopian tube unobstructed and function, hinder sperm and egg meet, leading to female infertility.

matters needing attention

Increase nutrition. Cholesterol is an important raw material for the synthesis of sex hormones. You can eat more liver, brain, intestines and other animal viscera to facilitate the synthesis of sex hormones. Arginine is an essential component of sperm formation, which is the basic component of protein. Eating more foods rich in arginine, such as lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, etc., will be conducive to fertility, especially eating more frozen tofu, tofu skin, walnuts, etc Sesame and other foods with more acid are more conducive to spermatogenesis.