What symptom is liver cirrhosis inchoate period

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Got cirrhosis of the liver, you may not know what kind of symptoms it has. Today, I'm going to talk about the symptoms of liver cirrhosis in the early stage. In fact, for this disease, if we can grasp its symptoms in time, we can treat it well. Next, let's talk about the symptoms of this disease. I hope you can prevent it early.

What symptom is liver cirrhosis inchoate period

Symptom 1: if you haven't checked and don't know that you have liver cirrhosis, then there are such symptoms: there is chronic dyspepsia, and obviously you feel loss of appetite, don't like to eat, or you will have abdominal distension when you are hungry, accompanied by constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, etc.

Symptom 2: also, the whole body is weak, even if you don't work, you will feel tired and tired, even if you are not able to do physical work. Of course, you can also carefully observe your face, if there is a lot of pigmentation, also want to check whether cirrhosis.

Symptom 3: when the face suddenly becomes much thinner, and the face also becomes particularly black, then it may also be the manifestation of liver cirrhosis. In this case, it is because of the decline of liver function that leads to the increase of melanin in the human body. Therefore, at this time, we must go to the hospital for examination, otherwise it will become a late stage.

matters needing attention

In our daily life, we should prevent liver cirrhosis in time. In terms of diet, we should also pay attention not to drink too much, or smoke too much. Eating some roadside stalls is easy to cause virus invasion.