What side effect does water light needle injection have

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I got married after graduation, and got pregnant the next year. I thought I was born early and recovered quickly. But I didn't expect that I felt older than others, and I was several years older than my peers. I felt very uncomfortable. Today, let me talk about the side effects of water light injection.

What side effect does water light needle injection have

First: this needle is to supplement the skin with hyaluronic acid, water, collagen, and other nutrients. Stopping the injection will not make the skin worse, but there may be a rebound. There are certain risks in this operation. We should pay attention to some precautions before and after the operation to avoid infection and rubbing.

Second: if the water light needle injection is too shallow, easy to long closed acne. These beauty doctors generally don't tell them. Each person's constitution is different, the effect is not the same. Most people's feedback is not as expected, and the effect is not permanent.

Third: the good results of Shuiguang acupuncture should be guaranteed by good postoperative nursing. After operation, because the absorption capacity of the skin is enhanced and the metabolism is accelerated, it is necessary to supplement enough reparative collagen as a nutritional supplement. Keep the surgical site dry and clean.

matters needing attention

After all, with the increase of ingredients, the risk of stimulation will increase accordingly. After entering the skin, the ingredients injected by water light needle will gradually decompose and fail. The faster the catabolism, the shorter the effect maintenance time. This process has great individual differences, which is the reason for the large difference in the maintenance time of water light needle.