What symptom does not suit to do stream of people?

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Although artificial abortion is a small operation for most people, even this small operation is not suitable for anyone, especially some people have some diseases that are not suitable for artificial abortion, such as acute attack of various sexually transmitted diseases or chronic infectious diseases, serious systemic diseases (such as heart failure, heart failure, heart failure, etc.) The patients with obvious symptoms such as hypertension, pulmonary tuberculosis with high fever and severe anemia can not afford surgery. What symptom does not suit to do stream of people? Let's talk about it

What symptom does not suit to do stream of people?

Abortion is only a small operation for many people, but it is also necessary to consider whether it is suitable to do. If women have many diseases, they can't bear this kind of operation at the beginning, so it is suggested to consider whether to carry out abortion operation.

There are two kinds of early induced abortion: suction and curettage. Fetus and placenta has not yet formed, generally do not need to expand the cervix, found that after pregnancy and do not want to give birth, should try to do artificial abortion in 10 weeks. Fasting or drinking some sugar and boiled water on the morning of the operation.

If the patient's pregnancy month is relatively large, there are many surgical complications, so do not wait until the pregnancy month is large before abortion or induced labor operation. During the operation, we should cooperate closely with the doctor and not be too nervous. If the acidosis caused by severe vomiting of pregnancy has not been corrected, the operation can not be performed.

matters needing attention

Now there are many reasons for too many induced abortions, but now the occasional 1-2 induced abortions have no adverse effects on women's health, if it is often induced abortion, it is easy to lead to infertility.