The best way to cure hair loss

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Recently, I found a lot of hair loss. Every day I comb and wash my hair, I will lose a lot. I'm afraid that I will be bald. Now it's much better. I'd like to share my experience on the best way to treat hair loss with you.

The best way to cure hair loss

Method 1: Baizhi (dried medicine), Jiaoren, Banxia 90 g each. Add 500ml of water and fry until 250ml. Add a little honey and fry for 1-2 minutes. Use a little ginger juice, mix well, wipe no hair, twice a day.

Method 2: divide alum and Curcuma into equal parts. Make alum and Yujin into pills, 4-5g each time, twice a day.

Method 3: 15g salt. Add salt to 1500 ml warm water, stir well, wash your hair, 1-2 times a week. Long term application of this method can prevent hair loss.

matters needing attention

Warm reminder: hair loss is not only a disease, but also a special reflection of human function. The main reason for hair loss is liver and kidney deficiency, Qi and blood deficiency, can not nourish hair. In addition to drug treatment, diet and nursing are also very important. The following foods are good for relieving hair loss.