Causes of cerebral palsy in children

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Giving birth to a healthy baby is the biggest wish of the family every day, and the pregnant expectant mothers directly affect the health of the fetus. Cerebral palsy in children mainly occurs in the process of brain development and maturation before and after birth, which can lead to non progressive brain defects or brain injury. The incidence rate of cerebral palsy in general hospitals in China is 0.18%-0.59%. These children are mostly caused by congenital reasons, the main reason is caused by the direct influence of the mother, let me talk about my experience, the cause of infantile cerebral palsy.

Causes of cerebral palsy in children

First of all: the emergence of children with cerebral palsy and the mother is inseparable from the relationship, some pregnant women in pregnancy when suffering from serious cardiopulmonary disease, if this time did not check on time, in pregnancy when breathing difficulties and other symptoms may cause fetal cerebral ischemia in the stomach, so it may cause the emergence of children with cerebral palsy. So in pregnancy, we must always pay attention to their physical condition.

Secondly: there are twins are also prone to the emergence of cerebral palsy, because in multiple births, the fetus is difficult to achieve balance in the mother, if there is also premature birth weight is too light, it is easy to let the baby appear heart failure and weight is too light, it will cause cerebral palsy. If it is a twin pregnancy, it is recommended to keep a monthly check, always pay attention to the situation of the fetus in the stomach. Avoid that.

What's more: when pregnant women are pregnant, their mothers don't pay attention to it. They often get close to the machinery with large radiation. If they are in such a state for a long time, they will make the fetus develop poorly, cause cerebellar malformation or poor intelligence, and lead to cerebral palsy. So pay more attention.

matters needing attention

If there are bad habits in life will also cause cerebral palsy, so we must change the bad habits during pregnancy. This can give birth to a healthy baby.