What is early psoriasis symptom

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If you want to keep away from psoriasis, it may be very difficult to get rid of psoriasis. Now, as a common skin disease, psoriasis is different from each other. The incidence rate is also increasing. Many friends are not very familiar with psoriasis symptoms and prevention. This leads to aggravated psoriasis symptoms. If early diagnosis and treatment are performed, the situation will improve a lot. So how to diagnose early psoriasis?

What is early psoriasis symptom

First: the initial stage of psoriasis generally has acute attack, chronic process, and tends to relapse. At this time, psoriasis has a great relationship with the season. Generally, it increases in summer, and recovers in autumn and winter; there are also recurrences in winter and spring, and decreases in summer.

Second: in the early stage of the disease, the skin lesions on the patients can be in various forms. When the patient's condition enters the quiescent stage, the skin lesions are often plaque or map like. The skin lesions of regression are usually annular or semi annular. The scales on a few rashes are thick and sometimes accumulate like oysters.

Third: how to diagnose psoriasis in the early stage? Experts point out that for those with erythroderma, erythroderma type psoriasis is called. The rash of this kind of psoriasis generally suffers from a small amount of exudation, with wet scales; or small pustules at the beginning, with fever and other symptoms, it is called pustular psoriasis, and joint lesions are called joint psoriasis.

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Through the above early symptoms of psoriasis, I believe many friends should understand it. Timely diagnosis and treatment can avoid the threat of disease to health in the future.