What does early pregnancy check?

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My menopause nearly 40 days, the feeling is pregnant, I used early pregnancy test paper to test is two red lines, I want to go to the hospital for early pregnancy examination. So early pregnancy check what? Let me talk about it.

What does early pregnancy check?

First of all, gynecological speculum inspection, to understand the situation of vagina and cervix, to exclude the abnormal development of reproductive organs of pregnant women, to provide a channel for the smooth birth of the baby; to observe whether the vaginal mucosa is congested, whether the color and quantity of vaginal secretions are normal, whether there is odor; to see whether the cervix is erosive, whether there is cervical polyps; especially when bleeding during early pregnancy, to observe whether the cause of bleeding is normal It is related to vagina and cervix, which provides basis for treatment

Second, to know whether there are trichomonas and mold in the vagina, and to check chlamydia, mycoplasma and Neisseria gonorrhoeae when necessary. If there are above microorganisms, it is easy to cause ascending infection, affect embryo development and induce abortion.

The third point, 40 days and 60 days after menopause were examined by ultrasound to understand the implantation site of embryo sac and the development of embryo bud. After 4 months of pregnancy, obstetric registration examination was carried out, and ultrasound follow-up was carried out according to obstetric requirements. Choose according to your own situation. If you have heart, liver, kidney, thyroid and other diseases, you need to consult a physician to understand whether continuing pregnancy will increase the risk. If repeated spontaneous abortion, early pregnancy during a comprehensive examination of both couples is very necessary.

matters needing attention

After the diagnosis of pregnancy, it should be checked once a month from the third month of pregnancy until the sixth month of pregnancy. The examination includes blood pressure measurement, weight measurement, fundus height, fetal heart rate, blood, urine, leucorrhea, etc.