How to treat redundant prepuce

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Three years ago suffering from redundant prepuce, do not know how to do well. I want to be treated later. The doctor treated me, the symptom alleviates somewhat, how to treat this problem in view of redundant prepuce? Let's talk about how to treat redundant prepuce.

How to treat redundant prepuce

First: found that phimosis can be removed by surgery, generally speaking, phimosis patients should be treated immediately, and patients with redundant prepuce can depend on the situation. As long as you can often clean, keep local clean, and no inflammatory lesions, foreskin is too long, generally do not need any treatment. However, if repeated infection of prepuce and glans penis occurs, it may cause prepuce adhesion or narrow prepuce mouth, and chronic inflammatory stimulation for a long time, which may lead to secondary penile tumor. Therefore, circumcision is necessary.

Second: surgical resection of phimosis is a better choice, for patients with severe phimosis, surgical treatment is essential. Phimosis refers to the narrow prepuce mouth, tightly wrapping the glans penis, can not be turned back to expose the glans penis. Then there is phimosis. Also is carries on the phimosis excision, in the operation process can loosen the adhesion part.

Third: phimosis surgery is a relatively simple operation, severe male phimosis is generally treated with phimosis resection, this operation is relatively simple. One week after operation, it can recover well. The operation only takes about half an hour. Blood routine examination, urethral orifice or phimosis secretion examination should be performed before operation to check whether there are bacteria. If there is no abnormality, operation can be performed on the same day.

matters needing attention

Warm reminder: first of all, you should stay in bed more and be patient. Generally, you will be cured after more than 40 days. For the sake of men's health, male patients are reminded that they should eat more light food and drink less alcohol during the recovery period. Drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and avoid staying up late.