How long can advanced ovarian tumor live?

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How long can you live in the advanced stage of ovarian cancer depends on whether you are actively treated and whether you can maintain a good attitude. If you take good care in the later stage, you can prolong your life and live for 3-5 years or even longer. Treatment is one aspect, the most important thing is to see the patient's attitude. If we can make the patient have an optimistic attitude, he will live a long time more than ordinary people. At present, there are many cancer patients in China, many of them live for more than 10 years. Ovarian cancer is one of the malignant tumors, and the onset of occult, not easy to find in the early, easy to ignore. There are many patients in the clinical diagnosis is often in the late. Let's take a look at the following.

How long can advanced ovarian tumor live?

First: cancer is a lifelong disease (when the cancer cells do not spread, they can be removed, but no matter how clean they are, there are always cancer cells in the body. With the accumulation of time, the recurrence rate is high. So, cancer is a lifelong disease). We must insist on taking medicine. We can't think that after surgery and chemotherapy, everything will be OK.

Second: in the treatment of malignant tumor, traditional Chinese medicine has obvious effect on resisting the development of cancer cells, reducing the volume of tumor and alleviating the pain of patients. The patients are more satisfied with the change of skin color of the diseased parts, the feeling of vigor on the body and the increase of appetite, etc.

Third, traditional Chinese medicine can be fully considered. It is treated with traditional Chinese medicine pill of removing stasis, dispersing knot, detoxifying and detumescence. It's not hard to find the right medicine. Because of his working relationship, a friend of mine knows the charm of traditional Chinese medicine and has witnessed a large number of typical cases of breast cancer, lymphatic cancer, brain tumor, gastric cancer, intestinal cancer, esophageal cancer treated with traditional Chinese medicine.

matters needing attention

If surgery and chemotherapy have been done, an obvious effect of traditional Chinese medicine is that all kinds of uncomfortable symptoms of patients will be significantly alleviated and improved in the short term. Usually pay attention not to eat spicy, and fried, barbecue, these are hot and dry food. I also need to be able to regulate my mood.