How to cure psoriasis on the face

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Some time ago, I went to my friend's home to take a vacation. I didn't know whether I could adapt to the surroundings or what I had been. I had not been able to dry my face for a few days before I even started to skin. I had not seen many cream with my face. After I went to the hospital, I learned that I had psoriasis. Now let me talk about how to cure psoriasis on the face.

How to cure psoriasis on the face

First: at present, the treatment of psoriasis is mainly based on Western Medicine (such as Bai Xuening, ethylimine, dexamethasone, ethylbimorphine, cyclophosphamide and other cytotoxic anticancer drugs), as well as prednisone, betamethasone and imported injection kangningketong and other hormone drugs, especially the large use of corticosteroid drugs (such as skin relaxant and dermatitis) Some traditional drugs for psoriasis only use immunosuppressants and hormones.

Second: the appearance of facial psoriasis, give patients a serious psychological burden. Therefore, it should be actively treated, and patients with facial psoriasis want to cure this abominable skin lesions. The first choice is to eliminate the idea of radical treatment of facial psoriasis, because the etiology is very complex. Patients with facial psoriasis must remember not to believe in the so-called radical treatment. Keep an optimistic attitude and actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment.

Third: the constitution of patients with psoriasis is different, the treatment of facial psoriasis in terms of medication can not be generalized, and then warm drugs will also have allergic or irritating reactions, so it is necessary to start with local trial, if there is no obvious adverse reaction, and then start to use for the whole face lesions. It is suggested that patients with psoriasis should not use psoriasis topical drugs easily and for a long time.

matters needing attention

First of all, patients should calm down, do not panic, and actively cooperate with the treatment. At ordinary times, they should pay attention to the selection of appropriate toiletries, skin cleaning, sun protection, and proper exercise to enhance immunity. In addition, they should avoid irritant food.