How is sciatica treated

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Because of my work, my waist is not very good. I often have pain. Originally, my lumbar disc was protruding, but it caused sciatica. Moreover, the feeling of pain is more and more serious. I can't stand it any more. I often can't stand the pain. Today, let me talk about how to treat sciatica.

How is sciatica treated

The first way: too much medication. Rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, complicated condition, difficult treatment. The majority of patients in order to seek the effect, a variety of drugs used together, resulting in the burden of the body's organs function, immune function further disorder, make the disease more and more serious.

The second method: do not treat fundamentally, only see the surface phenomenon of sciatica and swelling, only seek temporary curative effect. After medication, sciatica and swelling were relieved quickly, but within two days, sciatica and swelling recurred again and again, and the curative effect was worse and worse again and again. Finally, it led to ankylosis of joints, making the disease lingering and difficult to heal.

The third method: some rheumatoid patients, at the beginning of the occasional 1 or 2 sciatica, swelling and stiffness, because the test of rheumatoid factor showed negative reaction, some so-called experts without clinical experience judged it was not rheumatoid, the results failed to attract attention, leading to joint development damage, missed the best opportunity for treatment.

matters needing attention

The treatment of sciatica is mainly divided into conservative treatment and surgical treatment, specifically to choose which treatment, or according to the specific cause of disease, daily life should pay attention to, pay attention to working posture, change long-term bending, long-term sitting posture.