What medicine does sinusitis cause headache to take

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Overview headache is a situation that everyone of us will encounter. It is very painful and seriously affects our life. Therefore, many people want to know what medicine to take for headache. I believe you will know after reading the following.

What medicine does sinusitis cause headache to take

First, there are many causes of headache, such as nervous headache, vascular headache, tension headache, migraine or local facial diseases. People with severe pain can take painkillers such as aminopyrine caffeine tablets.

Second, if the headache is caused by a cold, it is OK to take common cold medicine at the initial stage, but it should be noted that the ingredients of all cold medicine are basically paracetamol and pseudoephedrine. If the effect is not obvious after taking it for three days, it is necessary to carry out infusion treatment.

Third, mild headache generally do not need to rest, can take analgesics, such as: to pain tablets, such as severe headache, must stay in bed.

matters needing attention

Headache we must find out the cause of headache, and then prescribe the right medicine to the case. Never use medicine casually, so as not to cause harm to the body.