What symptom does pancreas have

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The most common symptoms of pancreatitis are nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. This disease brings great harm to patients. According to the clinical data, about 90% of patients with pancreatitis will have these two symptoms after the onset of the disease, and there are also pain cases. This kind of pain can be persistent. Generally speaking, the pain can be persistent, The symptoms of pancreatitis are relatively obvious, but in the early stage of the disease, because the symptoms are not very typical, it is very easy to miss the best treatment time. Therefore, it is suggested to have a certain understanding of the symptoms of pancreatitis. Now let's share with you.

What symptom does pancreas have

First: the vast majority of patients with pancreatitis can have fever, generally speaking, this fever will last for several days, and if there is a persistent fever, we should pay attention to whether it has caused infection, and need to go to the hospital for diagnosis in time.

Second: according to the clinical data, about 95% of the patients have upper abdominal pain, and this kind of pain is often acute, the characteristics of pain can be varied, such as stabbing pain, knife like pain, etc., the pain is generally more severe.

Third: it is necessary to pay close attention to the fact that if the condition of pancreatitis is serious, shock may even occur. Patients in this period must pay attention to treatment, especially in the acute stage, otherwise death may even occur.

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As for patients with pancreatitis, we should pay attention to timely treatment. If we can't get timely treatment, it will cause very serious complications, such as necrosis, and combined diseases.