What does senile Parkinson's disease pay attention to

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Grandfather used to be in good health. But during this time, I found that his action became a little slow. What does senile Parkinson's disease pay attention to? Let me learn from you today.

What does senile Parkinson's disease pay attention to

First: Parkinson's patients should drink more water in life: if Parkinson's patients take enough water (8-10 cups) every day to help the disease, it can relieve constipation, try not to drink water or food with more water after 5 p.m., to avoid accidental falls caused by frequent urination at night.

Second: Patients with Parkinson's disease, in the daily diet, patients can eat more cellulose rich food, which can reduce stomach distension and other discomfort, supplement calcium and vitamin D, prevent osteoporosis. The relationship between tea drinking and Parkinson's disease also needs to be understood, because the green tea element in green tea can help the elderly to wake up.

Third: the family members of patients should observe the rule of urination reaction. Positive measures should be taken to help patients urinate regularly, once every 2-3 hours. It is better for patients to take a sitting position when urinating, and press the bladder forward rhythmically, causing urination.

matters needing attention

The treatment of Parkinson's disease is very difficult, which is one of the reasons why so many Parkinson's patients are suffering from the disease. Patients with advanced Parkinson's disease will not be able to do a good job in self-care.