What medicine does sunburn use

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A lot of people like sunburn after the summer, but it may cause skin peeling when playing with sunscreen medicine.

What medicine does sunburn use

First of all, after a mild sunburn, the skin will appear red, swollen, painful feeling, generally can take painkillers, aspirin to alleviate the pain.

Secondly, wet compress, with cold water, skimmed milk, aluminum acetate, oatmeal, Hamamelis solution to wet compress the skin, can prevent itching or dry skin, soak in cold water bath, with vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, etc., and then pat the skin with a clean towel, dry the affected part, so as not to stimulate the skin, use mild soap, and rinse thoroughly

Finally, apply the moisturizing skin lotion after bathing. Use fresh aloe vera directly to smear the affected part. It can help the wound recover. But it is necessary to test whether there is allergic reaction. The cloth is covered with ice and applied to the injured skin. It can relieve pain, but can not directly contact the skin with ice.

matters needing attention

Generally, the skin will not recover until three to five months after sunburn. During this period, try not to expose to the sun for a long time.