What reason is crural finger cleft

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In the treatment of toe laceration, we should first understand and confirm the condition before treatment. In daily life, it is common for many people to have the symptoms of heel laceration, which will become more serious in the cold winter. Some severe cracking symptoms will also have bleeding symptoms, which will make people very upset. What's the reason for toe laceration? Let me tell you.

What reason is crural finger cleft

First, traditional Chinese medicine believes that the disease is mainly caused by wind cold, blood dryness and skin loss. The treatment mainly includes nourishing blood, moistening skin and removing dryness. Some skin diseases, such as chronic eczema, tinea manus and pedis, palmoplantar and chilblain, can lead to heel dryness. External treatment with traditional Chinese medicine is often effective.

Second: the reduction of skin oil secretion is also the cause of heel cracking. There is less oil secretion on the feet. We can use some skin care products and those with high oil content. If you can do these, generally will not occur heel cracking phenomenon.

Third: the cuticle of the heel is thicker than other parts of the body, with less elasticity. In winter, the humidity in the dry air is insufficient. If the pulling force of foot movement is large, it is easy to crack locally, forming fine and deep straight laceration. It's not impossible to prevent the dry and cracked heel. Early use of foot crack ointment can play a good role in prevention and control. If we pay attention to prevention in advance, we won't have the symptoms of heel cracking again.

matters needing attention

In addition to timely treatment of heel cracking, usual preventive care is very important, especially some patients have some other diseases, such as ringworm, keratosis and other diseases, but also actively treat to prevent the aggravation of various complications.