Does high urine protein affect the body

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The cause of high urinary protein is a headache for many patients. Some patients may have hypertension and other primary diseases at the same time. Some patients with high urinary protein are only abnormal results. When patients have high urinary protein, the most important consideration should be kidney disease, because kidney disease is the most likely cause of urinary protein, Let's talk about the effect of high urinary protein on the body

Does high urine protein affect the body

First: high protein may be caused by diet, exercise, kidney disease, urinary tract infection and other reasons, if it is a check can not be diagnosed, it is recommended that you review a urine routine, if there is proteinuria, it is best to check a 24-hour protein quantitative, rule out the possibility of kidney disease.

Second, if the urine protein is high, it can aggravate the renal function damage and cause hypoproteinemia. Children with urinary protein, more common in glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, Henoch Schonlein purpura nephritis and other possible.

Third: normal urine routine examination generally no protein, or only trace. Urinary protein increased and continued to appear, more common in kidney disease. But fever, strenuous exercise, pregnancy also occasionally appear urine protein. Therefore, when there is protein in urine, it is necessary to follow up and observe to determine the cause.

matters needing attention

High urinary protein diet should pay attention to: light diet, low salt, do not eat too much meat, do not eat seafood, onion, ginger, fried convenience food and other hair. Should eat more new vegetables and fruits, can supplement calcium food, such as vegetables, fish and so on. Magnesium rich, such as millet, meat, etc. Zinc rich food, such as millet, corn flour, Chinese cabbage, pumpkin and so on.