What is rheumatic fever

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These days, I always feel chest tightness. I feel a little flustered. I don't do any intense exercise. I always feel chest tightness. I heard that it may be a symptom of rheumatic fever, so I went to the hospital for examination. It's really this disease. Now let's learn what is rheumatic fever.

What is rheumatic fever

First: rheumatism and rheumatic fever are not exactly the same diseases. They have intersection. Rheumatism in traditional Chinese medicine mostly refers to connective tissue disease of the whole body, which is prone to occur in joints of the whole body. Rheumatic fever in western medicine is due to Streptococcus infection caused by carditis, arthritis.

Second: rheumatic fever is a common recurrent acute or chronic body inflammation of connective tissue, mainly involving the heart, joints, central nervous system, skin and subcutaneous tissue. The main clinical manifestations are carditis and arthritis, which may be accompanied by fever.

Third: rheumatic fever is an autoimmune disease caused by Streptococcus infection, which can involve joint, heart, skin and other systems. In the past, the joint disease caused by rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by multiple, large joint and wandering arthritis.

matters needing attention

The most important thing is to prevent rheumatic fever. If we do a good job in our life, we can avoid suffering from diseases. We should also ensure adequate sleep and nutrition, have more rest, exercise properly, take medicine on time, and observe again.