How does breast touch ache to return a responsibility

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I believe many women have breast hyperplasia, especially those who have given birth to children. Breast hyperplasia is the most common breast disease among female friends at present. Patients with breast hyperplasia feel breast swelling and pain before coming to their regular holidays, and they feel pain when they touch their breasts. With the end of menstruation, this symptom gradually disappears, So they think it's a very normal physiological reaction. What's the matter with breast pain? Let me tell you about it.

How does breast touch ache to return a responsibility

First: the breast will feel pain or tingling, sometimes one side or both sides of the breast, generally with more pain on one side, sometimes the pain can not touch, serious even affect the normal work and life. Sometimes the pain will fluctuate with the change of mood and weather.

Second: Patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands can also apply a hot towel on their chest. Every 10 minutes, they can change a hot towel and apply it continuously for 15 days. If they need to go to a regular hospital to take a chest film to check the size, location, scope and other symptoms of hyperplasia of mammary glands, and if there is a lump in the mammary gland, they should use antibiotics for anti-inflammatory treatment.

Third: prevention of breast hyperplasia to achieve a regular life, usually work and study to avoid too tired, should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, at the same time to maintain a harmonious sex life. In this way, it helps to regulate endocrine disorders, keep the stool unobstructed, and reduce breast pain. At ordinary times should also be more exercise, improve their immunity.

matters needing attention

In daily work and life, don't be too nervous, don't worry about sadness, this will cause neurasthenia, will aggravate endocrine disorders, will make breast hyperplasia worse. Using self massage treatment, hands from both sides of the breast forward gently massage, this massage method can promote blood circulation, to relieve pain.