What are the early symptoms of adult polycystic kidney disease

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Aunt Zhang has always felt lumbago recently, which is very uncomfortable. After careful observation of hematuria, she went to the hospital and was told that she suffered from renal cyst. Next, let me introduce to you the early symptoms of adult polycystic kidney disease.

What are the early symptoms of adult polycystic kidney disease

First: lumbar and abdominal discomfort or pain: the reason is due to the enlargement and expansion of the kidney, which increases the tension of the renal capsule, the renal pedicle is pulled, or the adjacent organs are compressed. In addition, the kidney due to polycystic water content, become heavy, fall traction, also can cause waist pain. The pain is characterized by dull pain and dull pain. It is fixed on one or both sides and radiates to the lower part and back. If there is intracapsular hemorrhage or secondary infection, the pain will suddenly increase. If the urinary tract is blocked by stones or blood clots after bleeding, renal colic may occur.

Second: hematuria: can be manifested as microscopic hematuria or gross hematuria. The attack was periodic. Low back pain is often aggravated during the attack, which can be induced or aggravated by strenuous exercise, trauma and infection. The cause of bleeding is that there are many arteries under the capsule wall. Due to increased pressure or combined infection, the vessels in the capsule wall rupture and bleed due to excessive traction. Abdominal mass: sometimes the main reason for patients to see a doctor, 60-80% can touch the enlarged kidney. The larger the kidney, the worse the renal function.

Third: proteinuria: the general amount is not much, 24 hours urine will not exceed 2 grams, it will not occur nephrotic syndrome. Hypertension: solid cyst compression of the kidney, resulting in renal ischemia, renin secretion increased, causing hypertension. When the renal function is normal, more than 50% of patients have hypertension. When the renal function is decreased, the incidence of hypertension is higher. Renal dysfunction: due to cyst compression and space occupying, the normal renal tissue is significantly reduced, and the renal function is progressively decreased.

matters needing attention

Renal cyst is a common renal disease. The symptoms of this disease are also described in detail. It is suggested that patients should pay attention to the above symptoms and actively go to the hospital for treatment.