Symptoms of h7n9 infection?

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Avian influenza is an infectious disease, and its infectivity is relatively high. The main cause of avian influenza is the infection of birds carrying the virus. The harm of avian influenza is relatively large, not only for the breeding industry, but also for the safety of human life. H7n9 avian influenza is a common avian influenza disease and a new type of avian influenza disease.

Symptoms of h7n9 infection?

The main symptom of h7n9 avian influenza infection is fever, cough or less sputum. Some patients sometimes have headache, muscle pain symptoms. The symptoms of h7n9 avian influenza are similar to those of common influenza.

To prevent or treat h7n9 avian influenza, we must pay more attention to the diet. The diet should be light as far as possible. We should try not to eat spicy food. In addition, we should not eat some half cooked food. The food must be cooked.

Prevention or treatment of h7n9 avian influenza, but also pay special attention to the appropriate physical exercise, must enhance their own immunity and resistance, and is to choose a better exercise or exercise environment, try not to go to too many places.

matters needing attention

In order to prevent or treat h7n9 avian influenza, we should also pay attention to develop good health habits. We must not spit everywhere. In addition, if we sneeze, it is best to block it with the elbow.