How does child pneumonia old bad do

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My baby has been 11 months old this year. Almost two and a half months and eight and a half months ago, she was hospitalized with pneumonia due to a cold. She had a bad constitution. This time, she caught a cold again due to the wind. Because it was difficult to get a needle in her blood vessels, the blood drawing suggested that there was a virus, which was not too severe. So she prescribed medicine to go back and take it. She had a low fever of about 37.6 for 5 days, and was hospitalized at 39.9 on the sixth day Because of the limited technology, we can only use antipyretic suppository alternately and take ibuprofen orally. Let me learn from you today.

How does child pneumonia old bad do

First: if the patient has the symptoms of pneumonia and cough, the main consideration is that the inflammation in the patient's body is not completely controlled, so it is necessary to continue to use drugs for treatment. It is recommended to continue to use anti-inflammatory drugs, cough and expectorant drugs. It is best to do a blood culture, sputum culture, etc., and choose sensitive antibiotics according to the drug sensitivity results to improve the curative effect.

Second: in addition, patients need to pay attention to the change of temperature when they are treated, especially when they are stimulated by cold, which can reduce the local resistance of bronchial mucosa and aggravate the condition of bronchitis. Therefore, patients need to increase or decrease clothing in time with the change of temperature.

Third: the disease of bronchopneumonia for patients in the body of nutrients consumption is large, once the onset of the patient's digestion and absorption will cause adverse effects, so patients should take a small amount of multi meal method, give light, nutritious, balanced easy digestion and absorption of semi liquid or liquid diet

matters needing attention

It is suggested that patients should avoid long-term intake of coarse and irritating food in their daily diet. Daily diet must be regular and quantitative to avoid overeating, which increases the burden of stomach digestion.