Symptoms of urticaria in the baby

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Some people don't know whether they have urticaria or not. What are the symptoms of urticaria in children? In order to solve the doubts, I went to consult experts and inquired a lot of relevant information. Now I'll tell you what are the symptoms of urticaria in children.

Symptoms of urticaria in the baby

Urticaria in children, commonly known as rubella, is a common allergic skin disease, mainly manifested as erythema and edema of different skin sizes, often accompanied by pruritus. Its basic lesions are temporary expansion of capillaries and sudden increase of permeability of skin mucosa.

Most of this disease is caused by allergic reaction, and the prognosis is good. There are many causes of urticaria, bacteria, viruses, parasites can become allergens, pollen, dust, chemicals, and even some foods can become allergens.

The onset of acute urticaria in children is very sudden, and the skin can be itchy in a moment. With itching and scratching, rubella blocks of different sizes and shapes appear rapidly; Skin scratch was positive.

matters needing attention

It is very important to pay attention to health and prevent mites in family; We should keep fewer cats, dogs and other pets at home. Avoid contact with pollen substances, avoid activities at the bottom of trees and grass, pay attention to weather changes and keep warm to avoid cold urticaria.