What reason is 3-year-old darling sleep sweating much

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Generally speaking, children's night sweats do not advocate excessive use of drugs for treatment, we should actively find out the causes of night sweats, and then take corresponding measures. For example, when a child sleeps, sweating may be due to too much activity before going to bed or eating a lot of high calorie food before going to bed, so in order to avoid night sweats, children should control their activities before going to bed, and don't let them eat too greasy. I'd like to talk about the reasons for this situation and hope to help you.

What reason is 3-year-old darling sleep sweating much

Reason 1: some parents may be very concerned about their children, turn on the room air conditioning temperature too high when their children sleep, or let their children cover a lot of quilts, which can easily lead to a lot of sweating after their children sleep. In winter, the children's room temperature should be maintained at 24 to 28 ℃, and the thickness of the quilt should be adjusted according to the seasonal changes.

Reason 2: sometimes children's sweating during sleep may be just a physiological phenomenon, because the child's physical development is not perfect, especially the neural development of the body controlling sweating is not perfect. In addition, the child's internal metabolism is quite active due to growth and development, and the height of the child continues to grow at night. At this time, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of body sweating.

Reason 3: there is a situation that needs special attention. If children always sweat in the first half of the night after they go to bed, it may be caused by high blood calcium content, because after the high blood calcium content, the excitability of sympathetic nerve will be enhanced, so that the welding wire is easy to be opened, so they will sweat when they go to bed.

matters needing attention

There is also a situation that needs to be noted, children sweating at night may have rickets, parents need to take their children to the hospital for examination, for example, X-ray examination can be used to determine whether the child has active rickets.