What's going on with the tuba

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Anodynia is a kind of symptom that mainly refers to pain in anus and around anus and rectum. It is periodic and often occurs in or after defecation. It is mainly caused by fecal stimulation and ulcer fissure expansion. It is common in a variety of anorectal diseases. I'd like to talk to you about the bleeding on the tuba.

What's going on with the tuba

First: hemorrhoids: hemorrhoids bleeding generally occurs in the process of defecation or after defecation, the blood is spray like or dripping from the anus, the color is bright red, and sometimes there will be tumor prolapse phenomenon.

Second: anal fistula: the amount of fecal bleeding caused by anal fistula is relatively small, and its bleeding will mix with stool. Patients with anal fistula will have pus blood and mucus like stool, and sometimes there will be increased stool frequency, diarrhea and vomiting

Third: rectal cancer: the color of bleeding caused by rectal cancer is dark red or bright red, generally showing a drop like attachment on the surface of stool; in the later stage of rectal cancer, there will be purulent and bloody stool, and the habit of defecation will change.

matters needing attention

Diet should be reasonable, do not overeat, eat less spicy, greasy and other stimulating food, eat more vegetables, fruits and so on, keep defecation unobstructed, conducive to intestinal digestion. After getting up every day, you can drink a cup of honey water on an empty stomach to promote normal intestinal peristalsis. Develop a good habit of regular and fixed-point defecation, let the intestines get used to your work and rest time, and form conditioned defecation. It is not suitable to squat in the toilet for a long time, which will hinder the normal circulation of venous blood and cause other complications.