Psoriasis really can be cured

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I believe we all know that psoriasis is a very complex disease, generally it can occur in a certain part of the body. After it happens, the skin will have more obvious symptoms, which has a serious impact on the image of patients. The same is true for psoriasis on the head. So here we come to understand together: psoriasis can really be cured

Psoriasis really can be cured

Treatment 1: Patients with psoriasis should try to avoid scratching, to avoid scratching, scraping off the thick scale skin. Patients should avoid blindly seeking success in medication, and avoid being anxious, especially for those who are newly diagnosed and have not been ill for a long time. You can go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

Treatment 2: hormone can't be used to treat psoriasis. The side effect of hormone on skin is very big. After use, it will cause skin atrophy, thinning, telangiectasia, pigmented spots and hairiness. Long term use will produce dependence, So far, psoriasis can not be completely eradicated, but as long as the drug is not used indiscriminately, do not use hormone, immunosuppressant, mercury, arsenic drugs for treatment.

Treatment 3: Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of psoriasis is mainly for blood conditioning, including nourishing blood and moistening dryness, clearing heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, etc. Each kind of constitution medication is different, in addition, according to the severity of the disease, the cause of disease also need to adjust the dosage and taking method, so need detailed consultation, symptomatic treatment.

matters needing attention

Psoriasis patients in life must avoid contact with allergens, diet taboo spicy food, such as seafood and eggs service is also taboo, but also to keep the skin dry and clean, try to wear loose and comfortable clothes.