How to take medicine to cause gastric acid overmuch and vomit to do

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Major and minor events always like to take some drugs for treatment. However, when we take any drugs to treat diseases, we damage our gastric mucosa. My mother-in-law is only 59 years old. She is a young person among the elderly. She is just a medicine jar. What kind of drugs have she taken? Recently, I found that her mother-in-law had some nausea and vomiting, Later, I took my baby to the hospital for examination. Let's take a look at the following.

How to take medicine to cause gastric acid overmuch and vomit to do

First: as long as it is normal in our life, many people will choose some drugs for treatment when they are sick, but we must pay special attention to it before taking medicine. For those who are seriously short of gastric acid, dilute hydrochloric acid can be taken orally to increase the acidity of gastric juice; Dyspepsia can take pepsin mixture, multienzyme tablets, etc

Second: the drugs that damage the gastric mucosa should be avoided as far as possible. They should be taken after meals as far as possible, or at the same time, they should take gastric mucosa protective drugs to prevent the damage to the gastric mucosa. Usually try not to drink, eat less difficult to digest food, eat more soft food. You can drink porridge to nourish your stomach.

Third: if our patients have some symptoms of gastric acid, we can use some other methods to treat them. We must treat them as soon as possible, mainly with pasta, such as noodles, steamed bread and so on. These foods contain alkali, can effectively dilute gastric acid, and noodles is a good stomach food.

matters needing attention

The diet should be light, nutritious, regular, regular and quantitative. Don't be hungry and full, and don't overeat. It's better to eat less and eat more. Also to reduce drinking tea, coffee, hard food to protect the gastric mucosa.