Is there a mole in the private part

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I believe everyone's body will have some moles, and the color of the moles will be different. Some people's moles are black, and some people's moles are red. Now I'll share with you whether there are moles in private places.

Is there a mole in the private part

First, the vulvar melanoma nevus can occur in all parts of the vulva, it itself belongs to benign lesions, is a kind of nevus, but due to the changes and stimulation of internal and external factors, it has the potential to transform into malignant melanoma, so it is not what we often say "nevus", accurately it belongs to a precancerous lesion of vulvar malignant melanoma.

Second, vulvar melanonevus often appears singly, with a diameter of 0.1-0.2 cm. Its color ranges from light brown to dark black. It can be flat nevus, protruding from the skin surface, or even hanging. The nevus of vulva is very sensitive to the stimulation of steroid hormones. The nevus of vulva often swells and darkens from childhood to adolescence.

Third, the nevus of vulva occurs in the skin of vulva and is easily affected by external stimulation. According to reports, malignant melanoma from the vulva melanonevus accounted for 40%, so the vulva melanonevus into a high risk of malignant melanoma. Once the nevus of vulva is diagnosed, the diseased part should be removed to prevent canceration.

matters needing attention

Patients with nevus of vulva should pay special attention to invasive examination, such as biopsy, which can irritate the tumor body and tend to spread rapidly and widely. Therefore, even if the disease is suspected, it is not appropriate to make a hasty biopsy. When there are signs of malignant transformation such as enlargement, color change or radial change, ulceration and so on, only a large range of local resection should be performed first, and further treatment should be performed after pathological diagnosis.